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Aerial Photography

Aerial photography

We offer a full range of aerial photography services, for more information please view…

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Aerial Drone Photography

Drone Africa offers aerial drone photography services to the South African market. We are based in Pretoria, however we are able to service both local and cross border customers. We specialize in corporate marketing videos, construction site monthly videos, aerial inspections and aerial drone surveys. We also do product videos of boats, trucks and cars, which include both aerial and ground footage fully edited inhouse. 

Aerial photography - 24MP Stills

Hi-res aerial photography. You tell us what you want photos of and our awesome team will take the pics.


Drones give us the same effect as a helicopter, at a fraction of the cost. Now everyone can afford aerial photography.

Hi-Resolution - 4K Video

Cameras are smaller but more powerful. This means that you can get hi-resolution stills or video footage.



By making use of Radio Controlled Aircraft we are now able to have an eye in the sky at much less expense than before.



You can now have a bird’s eye view without putting any lives in danger.



A new, easy and automatic way of topographical surveying from the air is now available.

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